What will you achieve with your team in 2016? Join us for the inaugural session of With With Washington Speaks, a business symposium series designed to give thought leadership on leading your organization to big wins. This half-day session features business owners sharing high level, proven and practical insights on the art of visibility and client acquisition. Hear why the right technology can make a big impact on client acquisition, strategies to inspire your team to win at the art of networking, what dancing can teach you about leading sales and marketing efforts and much more!

October 27, 7:00 - 11:00 a.m. at the Washington Athletic Club


Sales Is A Contact Sport: Are YOU In The Game?

Janet McNaughton, Lasting Impressions

In baseball, the season can only be won with a clear vision, brilliant strategies and world class execution. Catch a “left field” perspective on creating a clear vision based on your "WHY," learn to pitch authentic strategies and score!

To Be Real: What Disco & Sales Have In Common

Deborah Read, ErgoFit Consulting

Leaders create followers. To succeed in client acquisition “you’ve got to be real.” Experience creativity, rhythm, awareness, vulnerability and swagger from an ergonomics perspective.


Sales & Marketing:  A Team of Rivals

Brianna Home, Hansen Belyea

If you are like most corporations, sales & marketing are at odds with each other. Glean tactical methods for transforming rivals into unified collaborative teams.

Taking On Goliath: The Largest Client In The World

Julie Valdez, Pacific Office Solutions

Tackling the federal government as a client may seem every bit as daunting as facing Goliath. This does not have to be the case. Learn strategies for pursuing the world’s largest customer and winning their business.


Bruce  Follansbee , Expense Reduction Analysts


Tech Check:  Are You Ready For The 21st Century?

Rosalyn Arntzen, Amaxra


World Domination:  One Sale at a Time

Omar Rivas, Rivasity

World domination is the deep desire of every corporation. Achieving it takes 3 letters. Learn the 3 letters that will propel your client acquisition program to world domination status.


Sherilyn Segrest, The Boeing Company


More feet in more doors: Google's New Perspective on Supplier Diversity

Adam Gardner, Google

Hear how Google's newly-launched Small Business Supplier Diversity Program is pairing more small and diverse-owned suppliers with more Google buyers.